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PS3 pad is 'Sixaxis'

Japanese extras dated/priced.

Sony has unveiled a clutch of PlayStation 3 accessories due out in Japan later this year, including the wireless control pad, which has been officially named "Sixaxis".

The Sixaxis, which uses Bluetooth to talk to the PS3 and features a motion-sensing capability, you've already seen, and spare units will retail for 5,000 yen from 11th November in Japan. That's about 22 quid or 33 Eurobucks.

Fight! Fight!

Japanese gamers will also be able to pick up the memory card reader on that day, which allows you to copy PlayStation 2 save-files onto the PS3's mammoth hard disk. That'll cost 1,500 yen - nearly 7 of the Queen's or 10 Eurosmackers.

Finally there's the remote control, which is due out a month later on 7th December, and can be used to convince Blu-ray movies to skip chapters and so on, among - judging by the number of buttons - quite a lot of other things. It'll cost 3,600 yen, which is 16 sterlingmarks or 24 Euroutofjokes.

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