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Duke 3D for Live Arcade?

Don't hold your breath.

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3D Realms has responded to gamers petitioning it to release Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox Live Arcade by claiming Microsoft is "fairly picky" about titles it allows on the service.

"You'd be surprised what they've turned down," webmaster Joe Siegler said on the 3DR forum. "Don't just assume MS will want it just because you like it, and it's popular. Hate to sound defeatist, but it's not as easy as 'send it to Microsoft and get it on there'. It's a rather complicated procedure, and MS is fairly picky about what goes on there."

"As I said above, we've already talked about it ourselves. I talked about this yesterday with George [Broussard], he's all up for the idea, but we don't have the time to do the port ourselves, plus there's the issue of whether Microsoft would really want it," he continued.

"Don't just assume they would, there's a big submissions procedure to go through. Plus their release schedule is booked solid for quite awhile now, even if we delivered it to them today, I would imagine it wouldn't come out for a while anyway."

The petition arose after id Software's Doom, another classic PC first-person shooter, appeared on Xbox Live Arcade during X06 last week.

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