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Mutant Storm's Xbox 360

Another rah rah for MS.

The acclaimed Mutant Storm franchise will be landing on Microsoft's imminent new console, Xbox 360, thanks to a deal signed between the US giant and the game's London based developer, PomPom Software.

Highly regarded shooter, Mutant Storm, will first see a new version of the original appear on Xbox 360 Live Arcade around Christmas this year. Currently code-named 'Reloaded', the game is set to be a launch title for online service when the machine is released. A full sequel, Mutant Storm 2 (codenamed 'Revolution'), is scheduled for the second half of 2006, exclusive to Microsoft's machine.

"Naturally, we are delighted to be working with Microsoft on this ambitious new project," said Miles Visman of PomPom Software. "Writing for a platform as powerful as Xbox 360 is allowing us to put in features and ideas for the game which just weren't possible previously. We're looking forward to delivering the best ever version of Mutant Storm."

Inspired by Williams' classic Robotron and Jeff Minter's Llamatron, earlier versions of Mutant Storm have appeared on Xbox Live, PC, Linux and Macintosh.