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Nintendo's new Generations site

Forget Touch, it's all about Bit.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has launched a new website for bit Generations, the new series of simple but funky little games heading to Game Boy Advance.

Head on over to the site to take a peek at the games, which have names like Dotstream, Boundish, Dialhex and Digidrive, plus Orbital, Coloris and Soundvoyager.

Unfortunately all the text is in Japanese, but there are some movies and screenshots to look at. And the music's nice.

The games are set to go on sale in Japan later this month, priced at ¥2000 each. Who knows when they'll make it to Europe - if they ever do - but Lik-Sang is already taking pre-orders for just over £16 a pop, including postage.

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