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Ubisoft signs Taito DS RPG

Lostmagic in Europe this spring.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft's recent stretch of interesting handheld games is to continue with the launch of Taito-made DS RPG Lostmagic in Europe and North America this spring.

Designed by Yoshiharu Sato - art director on Magic Pengel, trivia fans - Lostmagic puts players in the role of a young wizard called Isaac as he tries to rid a magical land of evil.

Doing this involves using stylus motions to unleash spells - there'll be 350 magic combinations using a symbol system - and generally point-and-clicking around the world, commanding "monster squads" while he's at it.

There's also something about seven magical wands left behind by the creator.

Anyway, the final thing we've been told about it is to expect Wi-Fi duelling, so we'll expect some of that Wi-Fi duelling. Take a look at the screenshots for more.

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