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FIFA Manager 06 announced, FIFA 06 demo released

Total Club makeover.

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Electronic Arts has gone and done a Trinny and Susannah on the Total Club Manager series, planning to release this year's effort under the name of FIFA Manager 06.

We're promised a more user-friendly interface with more than 2000 clubs and 20,000 players for "the most complete, up-to-date and authentic football manager experience on PC," apparently.

You can now get access to everything from stats and transfer news to rumours and gossip via the in-game Football World website. Plus you can watch entire games in 3D, using the Free-Cam to concentrate on the players who need the most work. Or who have the nicest thighs.

"FIFA Manager 06 is the only management simulation to boast fully-licensed teams and players from every major league around the world so it's a perfect time to bring the game under the FIFA umbrella," said EA bigwig Dan Holman.

"The new website interface is very much in keeping with how the majority of football fans get information on their team and we're confident this will prove popular with both die-hard and armchair supporters."

FIFA Manager 06 is being developed by EA Canada (as if the Canadians know anything about any kind of sport which doesn't involve sticks or ice! Pesky snowmen! Additional generic Canada-bashing!) and is out on PC this October.

And for those who prefer to get out there on the pitch rather than pranny around with statistics, why not have a go at plain old FIFA 06 - a demo is now available for download, don't you know.

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