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2K Games signs Ghost Rider

Due out in February.

Take Two label 2K Games has signed a deal with Marvel to publish a game based on Ghost Rider in 2007.

In development at Climax for console and handheld platforms, Ghost Rider's based on the Marvel comic and also the film, which it'll debut alongside next February.

It'll be a third-person action effort, we're told, where players get to take on the mantle of Johnny Blaze as he does a deal that sees him transformed into the night-stalking motorcycle-riding Ghost Rider.

The film has Nic Cage in the title role with Eva Mendes on board (perhaps not the bike itself) and Wes Bentley playing Blackheart, although it's not clear if they're involved in the game in any way.

"2K Games is creating an innovative game that showcases a combination of amazing hand-to-hand combat and motorcycle action intertwined with compelling third person play that offer gamers a truly unique and diverse gameplay experience," says Marvel veepee Ames Kirshen.