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Alan Wake sleeps through E3

Remedy holds off showing it.

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Those of you hoping for an update on Remedy's Alan Wake at E3 next week will be disappointed, according to reports.

IGN claims that a representative of the Finnish developer's said that the game - one of the sexiest of the next-gen titles on show at last year's expo - will be kept away so that development can continue unabated.

Not necessarily bad news then, although it would be nice to see what Remedy's accomplished since we last spoke to them.

Last year of course, Remedy unveiled the game as a "psychological action thriller" aiming to blur the line between dreams and reality, as the titular Alan Wake headed to sleepy Pride Falls to try and sort out his nocturnal issues and writer's block.

Remedy also made a big deal of the technology for the game, including an impressive lighting model for the game's huge free-roaming environment.

Check out last May's preview and interview for more detail.

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