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Alone in the Dark story details

Eden tries episodic approach.

Eden Studios is adopting a TV-show style format for its forthcoming survival horror game Alone in the Dark.

AitD, due on PC and Xbox 360, will be split into 30-40 minute "episodes", complete with cliffhanger endings, and "next week on..." style summaries of what's to follow.

Cynics might argue it's just a fancy way of describing the level structure, but Eden reckons it's more than that, and helps maintain a "high level of narrative intensity".

As well as offering a hint of what's to come at the end of each episode, Eden also plans to remind gamers what they were up to when they load a save-game - by launching into a video summary of the previous episode, just like they do on TV.

"Our new format for Alone in the Dark greatly enhances the pace and tension," says game director David Nadal. "You barely have time to breathe before the next cliffhanger hits you."

It's also worth pointing out - as Atari did in an email this morning - that the episodic structure is all within the game. I.e. you won't be buying one, then another, then another.

The TV style presentation certainly fits in with what we've seen of AitD so far.

Back in November, Eden told us it was aiming for an extremely interactive experience that didn't rely on traditional third-person camerawork - giving you control of falling sequences and the like, for example.

Expect to see more of Alone in the Dark during E3 next week. The full game's due out next year.