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Midway confirms support for Rev

Plus: five new Xbox Arcade titles.

Another publisher has been added to the list of those who will produce games for the Nintendo Revolution after Midway confirmed support for the console.

Speaking to GameSpot, Midway CEO David Zucker said: "We will have a Revolution title this year" - though he wouldn't give any more details.

However, Midway was more forthcoming when it came to announcing five new titles for Xbox Live Arcade. First up is classic shooter Defender, making a welcome comeback more than two decades after it first appeared in the arcades.

Then there's old favourite Paperboy, which, for the youngsters, tasks you with chucking newspapers at your neighbours whilst riding a bike and avoiding obstacles, and is more fun than it sounds.

Root Beer Tapper [Ed's favourite] sees you struggling to put together drinks orders for thirsty customers, while Cyberball is a futuristic sports title which features robotic players. And finally, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is also coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

It's not yet known how much you'll have to pay for each title, but all five games are scheduled to appear in the Arcade by the end of the year.