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New Tomb Raider out in April

For PC and old-gen consoles.

Eidos has announced that Lara Croft, everyone's favourite super-posh extra-athletic giant-breasted explorer, is returning to PC and consoles in April.

It's ten years since Lara first leapt onto consoles, revolutionising videogames forever / kicking off an endless series of ever declining sequels / both, depending on your point of view.

Now she's back in Tomb Raider: Legend, and Eidos bigwig Larry Sparks is jolly excited about it all. "Everyone working on Legend is buzzing right now," he said, presumably whilst buzzing.

"We are all so excited that this totally new incarnation of Lara will capture gamers' hearts, just as her original game did, and challenge their minds like no Tomb Raider they've ever seen."

TR: Legend is out on PC, PS2 and Xbox on April 7th, with the Xbox 360 and PSP versions to follow "shortly after," according to Eidos. And if you're a really big Lara fan, don't forget to vote for her in The Culture Show's design awards.