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GOW creator talks cutscenes

None to feature in his new game.

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God of War creator David "cake or biscuit?" Jaffe has revealed that his forthcoming PSP title won't feature so much as a single cutscene.

That's according to Jaffe's new video blog entry, which begins with a sweary lament of the PSP dev kit's stupidly short connection cable.

Jaffe goes on to say that he's currently trying to "work out the cinematic elements of our PSP game," which is being developed with Incognito - the studio behind War of the Monsters and Twisted Metal: Black.

He initially came up with a concept called 'e-mo-vies' - "like emotional movies" - but apparently, they're just not working within the context of the game.

Jaffe reckons that as a player, the response you have to cinematic cutscenes is: "You appreciate the creativity, but as a game, it doesn't work."

Take Mario 64, he continues - "They don't do any of that. Now Mario 64 obviously doesn't evoke a lot of emotion or political ideas, but it keeps you in the game."

So, Jaffe's currently hard at work "Ripping out all this kind of stuff that we thought was clever when we came up with it, that ultimately pulls you out of the game. And now the real trick is how do we keep you in the game and at the same time make it more than a game, make it emotional and make it political.

"And I have no f**king clue."

Any suggestions?

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