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Sony defends PSP Gigapack bundling policy

Standalone packs on the way.

Sony has responded to reports that consumers are angry at being forced to buy two games with their PSP Gigapack bundles, telling that standalone packs will be available in time for Christmas.

The Gigapack includes a PSP unit and 1GB Memory Stick, and carries an RRP of GBP 214.99 - but at present, it cannot be bought as a standalone bundle.

Instead, consumers are also required to buy a two additional games if they wish to purchase a Gigapack - namely Sony-published titles Everybody's Golf and World Tour Soccer.

Consumers have complained that they feel forced into buying these games and thereby paying extra for their Gigapacks, since the games bundle retails for GBP 269.99. But speaking to, a Sony spokesperson said: "The limited edition PSP Gigapack and Games Bundle is our current retail promotion offering exceptional value to consumers who can enjoy the console with two games and added accessories such as the 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a USB cable and a hands free PSP stand."

"We are looking to extend this limited edition run for gifters as a standalone PSP Gigapack closer to Christmas. And, of course, consumers have the option to purchase the regular PSP Value Pack instore."

The Value Pack, which includes a Memory Stick with only 32MB of storage, retails for GBP 179.99. Sony-branded 1GB Memory Sticks are available separately for around GBP 60.