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SEGA signs Total War expansion

Having already bought the dev.

Following the recent acquisition of development studio Creative Assembly, SEGA has announced that it's also secured the rights to publish the Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion expansion pack, previously down as an Activision title. You can see some screenshots here.

The storyline is set 200 years after the original game, when the last Emperor of a unified Rome has finally carked - leaving potential successors vying for power. Meanwhile, the barbarians are gathering along Rome's borders, preparing to pillage their way through the entire empire.

You can side with the barbarians or lead either the Western or Eastern empire armies into battle, and there are more than 100 new units to play with plus new buildings, ancillary characters, military commands, holy relics and vices and virtues.

The campaign map has been revised and updated to reflect historical changes, and the battle AI has apparently been given an overhaul too - factions have individual fighting styles, certain units can swim across rivers, and some battles take place at night for an added tactical challenge.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion is out on PC in September. Expect a full preview in the near future.