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Lumines Mobile released

Mizuguchi hits handhelds.

Gameloft has announced the worldwide release of Lumines Mobile, the latest version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's hit puzzler.

Lumines Mobile sees players arranging falling blocks to match up colours and clear rows, to the sound of a variety of catchy tunes from the likes of Andy Hunter and Mondo Grosso.

The game has already been a huge hit on PSP, but the mobile version has been specially designed to allow for short bursts of play. Other features include new bonuses, new shapes and a third block colour. Mizuguchi was full of praise for the game when he spoke to us at E3 recently.

Lumines Mobile is available now in 75 countries, via 150 telecom operators. Different versions have been designed to suit a huge range of handsets, and prices range from GBP 3 to GBP 5.