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More free content for Crimson Skies

Including places, planes and chickens.

Plug yourself in to Crimson Skies on Xbox Live today and you'll discover a hangar-full of new content ready to wing its way towards you. Microsoft has released three new planes (the Vampire, Firebrand and Hellhound), two new maps (canyon/cave-based Badlands and the night-time ruins-hopping Lost Plateau) and two new gametypes unto the masses this week, and the best bit is that it's all free.

Actually, bollocks to that, the best bit is that it involves chickens. Everybody loves chickens. They are the new camels. Especially when they present you with a full boost recharge, rapid damage recovery and instant secondary weapon reloading, as they do in one of the two new gametypes - Chicken Pox. The idea is to gather the little cluckers and use their peculiar gifts to score two points every time you kill a chicken-less pilot. Intriguing.

The other gametype is called Gunheist, and involves capturing and holding 3 antiaircraft gun emplacements, something Microsoft describes as "a whole new twist" on Capture The Flag. Still, we fancy chicken tonight.

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