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New Crimson Skies content available

New map and plane makes Moe a Moe Moe.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

High-flying fans of Crimson Skies will be pleased to learn of new content available for the game over Xbox Live - a new plane and multiplayer map to be precise.

The plane, dubbed the Fury, is apparently quite a small, agile vehicle with a rapid-firing machine cannon and a pair of machine guns mounted on each wing. It's quite a manoeuvrable little beast, perfect for the confined twists and turns of the new Caverns multiplayer map. Caverns has its bases located in large tunnels connected by a single twisting passage, and those who aren't willing to risk life and limb attempting to negotiate it can man one of the three AA guns in place for base defences.

Getting into the Christmas spirit of giving even further, Microsoft has even created a Crimson Skies skin for Windows Media Player for you. Awww! You can download that from here. Shucks, just what we always wanted!

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