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New Superman Returns details

He can fly and everything.

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New details have emerged of EA's forthcoming PS2 and Xbox film tie-in, Superman Returns: The Videogame, which is due to hit stores this summer.

The sprawling metropolis of, er, Metropolis is apparently being 'brought to life' in the game for the first time, thanks to a 'go anywhere, do anything' gameplay mechanic that lets you explore all 80 square miles of the place at your leisure and most definitely hasn't been been inspired by GTA. No sir.

Why not take a stroll through the park and toy with some petty thieves before burning them to the ground with your Heat Vision, perhaps? Or pick up some hot gossip from the locals with your Super Hearing, then ruin some small child's fun by freezing a burst fire hydrant with your powerful Super Breath? It's all in a day's work for the mighty Superman.

The protection of Metropolis is key to progression in the game, as the city will change according to your heroic successes or failures. A collateral damage meter will keep you informed of how good a job you're doing as hero for the common man, and neglecting your duties in the movie-related and sub missions will end your career - not to mention the lives of thousands of innocent people, and not even Superman wants that on his conscience. Still, filling in the application form for job seekers allowance could be a laugh.

As well as the stock superpowers of Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, Super Speed, Super Hearing and Super Breath, the lycra-clad hero can also fly, as we all know. The good news is that EA is making a big thing about this handy skill, promising "revolutionary new mechanics" that will allow you to take full control in flight, unleash devastating missile-like attacks on your unsuspecting foes, and performing all manner of fancy aerial manoeuvres that will have the city inhabitants cheering, clapping and taking (presumably quite blurry) snapshots as you pass over their ant-like heads.

It sounds like there's a lot of fun to be had from just hooning around the city, but we're looking forward to more info on the bad guys and how well equipped our flappy-caped hero is to deal out some justice.

Superman Returns: The Videogame is out in June.

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