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Canada to build Mario statue

Out of tin cans. For charity.

Oh, Canada. Really, have you nothing better to do with your time? Why don't you join in with a war or something like us? It might be morally wrong but it's great fun and it'll keep you occupied for ages. Much like...

Anyway, the point is, Nintendo of Canada is teaming up with Canstruction, "a national charity of the design and construction industry", to build the world's largest Mario statue. Out of tin cans.

The statue, which will be built in Toronto's Dundas Square, will be ten feet tall and will weigh over 1,100kg. An estimated 4000 cans of tomato sauce will be used, and they will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank once everyone's finished marvelling at Mario.

You can read more about Canstruction, and see some of their previous works, over on the charity's website.

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