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GB Micro date confirmed?

Nintendo says it's not official.

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The slimmed-down Game Boy Micro will launch in Japan on September 13th reports have suggested today, but Nintendo of Europe has clarified this afternoon that no official announcement has been made.

The slimmed-down version of the Game Boy Advance is set to launch in its home territory, the reports claim, with a range of mobile phone-style snap-on face plates, allowing users to customise the look of their tiny handheld console for the first time.

In addition, Nintendo of Japan is also reportedly lining-up three games to debut alongside the new model: Mario Tennis Advance, a 20th anniversary version of Super Mario Bros. and - rather less excitingly - a double pack featuring ancient puzzle titles Dr. Mario and Puzzle De Pon.

But while Nintendo of Europe has yet to confirm a release date for the territory, it is thought that the new version will launch in the territory well before the Christmas sales season. Indeed, senior retail sources in teh UK told Eurogamer this morning that they expect a release date of late October, with a price point similar to the existing £69.99 SRP currently occupied by the chunkier flip-top GBA SP.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Nintendo of Europe will use the launch of the Game Boy Micro to launch its long-awaited Play Yan device - an add-on that lets users play multimedia files on their consoles.

We'll update you with firm confirmation as soon as we get it.

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