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Postal 2 gets expansion

New missions, new weapons and new environments. Oh and you can now hack enemies "down to nuggets", apparently.

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The "Postal Dude" is back this April with the release of Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend.

The expansion pack offers ten new missions, more than 20 areas to explore and some interesting-sounding weapons.

Vince Desi, head of developers Running With Scissors, says that "Gamers will no longer be limited to merely blasting, burning and blowing-up enemies - they can hack them down to nuggets as well!"

"There's the scythe, which definitely has some serious hands-on/heads-off appeal," he continues. "Then there's the sledgehammer - pound for pound pure enjoyment."

But Desi is particularly excitied about the "boomerang machete". "It's exactly what it sounds like - a machete that you can throw like a boomerang!", he explains. "Just line-up some mad-cow infected tourettes zombies and cut right through!"

Other features include the ability to determine NPC logic, rearrange environments and design game scenarios to create your own mod for Postal 2.

Apocalypse Weekend will be released on PC, April 15, priced €19.99.

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