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ArenaNet offering extreme Guild Wars weekend for fans

Three day PvP special this week.

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Fans of the rather excellent Guild Wars are in for a treat this weekend, as ArenaNet is setting up an extra special event.

This Friday will see the launch of a comprehensive set of new skill balance changes for the Guild Wars PvP play environment, and ArenaNet wants to celebrate by holding a three-day PvP Extreme Weekend (PvPX, to its friends) for account holders.

For the entire weekend, PvP play will earn players extra faction/experience points – 5x the faction awards for wins in high-level arenas and tournament play, and 2.5x the faction awards for wins in guild-vs-guild play. Players can use their faction points to unlock new skills and weapon upgrades, gain Elite skills, and purchase new runes to boost armour.

You can start benefiting from ArenaNet's generosity this Friday, August 26th at 12:01 am (PDT – that's 7:01am GMT), with the whole event ending Sunday, August 28th at 11:59pm (PDT – or Monday, August 29th 6:59am GMT). Account holders will just need to login with their Guild Wars character and join in some PvP or GvG play to participate.

Should you want more information on the PVP Extreme Weekend, feel free to pop over to the official site.

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