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Play-Yan for Game Boy Micro

But still no European launch.

Nintendo has announced plans to re-issue its Play-Yan media-player in Japan to co-incide with the release of its forthcoming Game Boy Micro.

The Play-Yan turns the humble handheld into a multimedia player capable of playing MP3 and MPEG4 files from a SD memory card, and is expected to get a new lease of life when Nintendo unleashes the Micro version of the Game Boy Advance this autumn.

Somewhat ironically, the new mini version of Play-Yan will not support the various micro games that Japanese gamers can currently download from Nintendo's official site.

Nintendo of Europe still has no official date on the release of Play-Yan, in either form, although Nicolas Wegnez, head of marketing at Nintendo Spain, was previously quoted in saying that "at least some units" will make it to Europe.

The expected retail price of the Play-Yan Micro is said to be around 5,000 yen (£25) for the base model and 6,000 yen (£30) for a version with the PC-compatible MediaStage encoding software.

Expect more news on Play-Yan in the coming months of Game Boy Micro's release in Europe on November 4th, priced £69.99