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This And That: Wednesday News Round Up

Atari bags Top Spin for PC, Revamped Ground Control II website, Joint Ops goes gold, Virtual Grand Prix 2 heads to Europe, UT 2004 patched...

Atari has signed a deal with Microsoft to publish a PC version of PAM's Top Spin, the formerly Xbox-only tennis title that surprised many on its release last year by actually being really good. The conversion promises "massive internet-based multiplayer functionality as well as online rankings". LAN functionality is also available. No release date information has been released. PAM formely made Ronaldo V-Football for Infogrames, but the less said about that the better, eh?

Ground Control II's website has been given an overhaul, Sierra announced this morning. "We expect the site to be the center for a wealth of actvity in the future" said Elin Bergman, Community and PR Manager for Massive Entertainment. "We have some more interesting ideas in mind and will run regular tournaments, map creation contests and other community activities through the site. Our new site reflects our future plans and gives us a lot more ways to interact with the community." Check out: www.groundcontrol2.com, but be aware that localised sites have yet to change. Meanwhile a multiplayer demo patch (4.65MB) was released last night, which you can get from your usual download sources.

Novalogic issued one of its beloved gold announcements this morning, with Joint Ops: Typhoon Rising now shipping. Expect it in your local software emporium on June 25th, and engage in some 150 player online FPS action thereafter.

Lago's Virtual Grand Prix 2 has found itself distribution in France, Benelux and Spain, thanks to a deal with Nobilis. No news on a UK deal as yet.

Unreal Tournament 2004 has been patched to v3236, and weighs in at a smidgen under 12MB.

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