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EA to launch Fantasy Football online

No, not that sort of football...but is this the precursor to a FIFA fantasy football?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts is launching its own web-based fantasy football game on July 21st, but before you get excited, this is Gridiron we're referring to, as opposed to the real football where players actually, you know, kick the ball, as opposed to using their hands and dressing up in girly armour.

Web-based Amfoot antics will kick off on July 21st, with a $9.99 entry fee required, or $99.99 if you want to be the commissioner of your own league of 32 teams.

Although all of this will be of limited interest to European users, it's an interesting pointer to EA planning a Soccer Fantasy Football - which would doubtlessly be a big success over here. Looking ahead, it could point to the launch of another stage of its online strategy, with such games no doubt planned for next generation consoles to lure in a broader audience of gamers.

According to EA Sports Nation's Chip Lange: "We're taking EA Sports fun, competition and quality to another level by bringing fantasy football to our online EA Sports fans. We're challenging all comer - you think you know football, every week, now prove it; EA Sports style." Smell my cheese.

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