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Conflict gets name change

Terror off the menu.

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Appropriateness is not generally the games industry's strong point, but in a move to distance itself from appearing exploitative, SCi-dos has announced that Conflict Global Terror will now be known as the far more innocuous Conflict Global Storm.

Curiously, though, the name change will only extend to PAL territories, meaning that the squad-based action game will be released under its original moniker everywhere else.

The fourth iteration in the six-million selling series tasks you with seeing off a bunch of white neo-Nazi extremists across the world, and from what we've seen of it so far looks likely to be by far the best Conflict title to date.

Developed by Bath-based Pivotal Games, the engine has had a radical overhaul, making it not only the best looking of the series, but sporting some canny AI routines that make the enemy look like they're trying for once.

With the game due for a release on September 30th on PC, Xbox and PS2, expect a full review of Conflict Global Storm in the coming weeks.

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