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Mercury rises for Atari

Day one release for PSP puzzler

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Atari has scooped the UK distribution rights to Archer Maclean's Mercury, the superb blob-guiding PSP puzzler from Ignition/ Awesome Studios.

Confirming what many of us have known for some time, the game will be released on September 1st across Europe as part of the extensive day one launch line-up for the Sony handheld.

Like some sort of twisted fusion of Super Monkey Ball, Marble Madness and Spindizzy, Archer Maclean has created a maddeningly addictive puzzler that tasks players with carefully guiding their blob of Mercury from one side of a trap laden environment to the other.

Set over 72 levels (with a hidden world to unlock too), the game really does feel like a blob of Mercury is trapped under the screen, and work is already underway on a sequel. Hope remains that Sony will give the thumbs up to a Tilt Sensor add-on to truly bring the premise to life.

Meanwhile, Atari's UK marketing director Richard Orr said he was "extremely pleased" to bag one of the key PSP titles. "Having such a strong title at launch for the PSP is a tremendous bonus and we look forward to working with Ignition Entertainment to this make this great success. Mercury is such an addictive game, I am sure will capture the imagination of all PSP owners and become this year’s must-have game.”

And Ignition's International sales manager Phu Tien was similarly pleased, and claimed: “Atari’s distribution network and retail muscle will enable us to get Mercury to as many PSP owners as possible. We’re delighted they have recognised the potential this amazing title has, and can’t wait to partner with Atari in order to make Mercury one of the most sought-after titles at launch.”

Elsewhere, Sony's faith in the title appears to be exceptionally strong with the gaming giant's Japanese division publishing the game as a first party title in its home territory - something of a coup for a UK-publisher/developer.

If you need further convincing, check out our extensive review or the interview with Archer himself.


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