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Sony on next-gen PSP rumours

They're nonsense.

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Speaking to our sister site,, a Sony spokesperson has dismissed rumours that a new version of the PSP is currently in development.

The rumours emerged following the appearance of an article in the US version of PSM magazine, excerpts of which were widely reported (and in some cases misreported) online.

The article predicts the arrival of a new version of the PSP in March, claiming that developers have already "been briefed on Sony's plans". It goes on to say that according to "sources familiar with its development", the new PSP will be "thinner and lighter" than the original model.

But a Sony spokesperson told "We currently have no plans to release another version of the PSP."

However, the spokesperson did confirm that the new add-ons for the handheld will be a highlight of Sony's line-up at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, stating, "The camera and GPS peripherals will be the main attraction, and a total of 16 titles will be showcased to demonstrate the strong line-up of software that will be released towards the year." These will include GPS-compatible titles such as Everybody's Golf Course and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.

As previously announced, more than 25 PS3 games will be playable at the event, and videos of a further 35 will also be shown. "Of those 35, some will be newly announced titles, and some will be updates of software announced or shown at E3," the spokesperson said.

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