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New Mass Effect 3 team-mate James Vega

Formerly known as James Sanders.

New Mass Effect 3 team-mate James Sanders is now known as James Vega, BioWare has revealed.

The Sanders name was used while "we were still designing his character", explained Mass Effect series chief Casey Hudson.

Does that mean Vega now has no theoretical ties to Mass Effect fiction heroine Kahlee Sanders?

Vega, a white human male with a bodybuilder's physique, represents a new player's perspective to the acclaimed space RPG trilogy.

In combat he'll be a defensive soldier who focuses on survivability rather than fire power, tweeted Preston Watamaniuk, lead designer of the Mass Effect series.

Vega has met with divided opinion so far - he's not the most handsome bloke on the block, nor does he sound to be particularly exotic or exciting.

Responding to the reaction, Casey Hudson tweeted: "Enjoyed your first impressions of Vega!

"We have fun with our ensemble casts: chars are designed to be loved by some players but not all."

Vega will be clad head to toe in sturdy black armour that focuses on function over frills. An alternate appearance available with the Collector's Edition has Vega wearing a skin-tight t-shirt and black combat trousers.

Mass Effect 3 will be playable at this year's Eurogamer Expo, which takes place on 22nd to 25th September in London's Earl's Court arena. Grab a £10 day ticket sooner rather than later if you're interested.