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Two-hour documentary film celebrates 30th anniversary of Lemmings

Feel old yet?

A documentary celebrating the 30th birthday of Lemmings has premiered on YouTube.

Lemmings: Can You Dig It? explores the legacy of the game with its original creators and its impact on Scottish and UK games culture.

Lemmings was first released on the Commodore Amiga in 1991 and has since become iconic.

The original game was developed by DMA Design in Dundee, who then went on to create the original Grand Theft Auto.

The documentary film was commissioned by Lemmings publisher Exient and directed by video game film producer Richard Wilcox of That Video Company.

"We're absolutely thrilled to be making Lemmings: Can You Dig It? available on general release," said Jamie Wotton, creative marketing manager at Exient.

"It has been an absolute joy to watch the Lemmings story unfold through hundreds of hours of interview footage with the original DMA Design development team, video game industry execs and fans. The film celebrates everything that made the original game so special, including the city of Dundee in which it was made. And it celebrates the important place these little critters still have in popular culture."

You can watch the film in full below.

Watch on YouTube

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