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Bloodborne mod lets you play as any enemy - and Sekiro's next

Counter strike.

Ever play Bloodborne and think, you know what? I wish I could play as the enemies! Well, now there's a mod for that.

Modder Lance McDonald created a mod that lets you play as the enemies in FromSoftware's PlayStation 4 classic. All you have to do is press L3 to take control of a locked-on enemy. Usefully, pressing L1+R1+R3 returns control to the player.

"Pretty happy with this," McDonald tweeted. "It's actually a debugging feature that was removed, I just patched in some sneaky code to access it."

This works on any enemy in Bloodborne - even the bosses.

There are limitations to the mod, however. You have to stay close to the player character, as the game won't stream in new data while the player is far away (the enemy you control will despawn if you go too far, McDonald explained). To prevent this, the mod has a "Return to player" failsafe.

Excitingly, McDonald is targeting FromSoftware's latest, Sekiro, for a similar mod. The early progress is positive, too.

There's something delicious about the ability to take control of enemies in FromSoftware games, given they've terrorised millions of players for countless hours on end. There's also something monstrous about moving Bloodborne's horrible beasties about, too.

McDonald is also known for his work unearthing cut content in video games. He's focused on FromSoftware titles, but he's also had a look at the likes of Nier.

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What next after Sekiro? Imagine controlling the colossi in Shadow of the Colossus!

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