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New Black Myth: Wukong trailer prompts fans to resurface misogynistic comments from developer

Game Science previously criticised for toxic workplace.

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Black Myth: Wukong.

The game grew to prominence when it was revealed in 2020, showcasing its Soulslike gameplay and basis on Chinese novel Journey To The West.

However, the new trailer has also resurfaced criticism of the game's developer for misogynistic views.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlack Myth: Wukong 8 Minute Exclusive Gameplay | 4K RTX ON - World Premiere
Black Myth: Wukong 8 Minute Exclusive Gameplay

In a now-viral tweet, user Sumerian Tater Tots shared a "friendly reminder that the game developer himself said this game 'needed no female players'".

They followed up with a translation of a Weibo post by the developer from August 2021 that claims "some things are made only for men", as well as other misogynistic and homophobic comments.

Back in 2020, SupChina reported on Féng Jì, founder and CEO of Black Myth: Wukong developer Game Science who was responsible for the weibo posts.

The report includes translations of Jì's comments in the context of a toxic, male-domainted workplace.

"I want to expand our workforce and hire more people. I want to be licked so much that I can't have an erection anymore," it's reported that he wrote in one post. "I know you guys just happen to be so horny. I'm glad that the trailer has given you some satisfaction."

"My goal is to give blowjobs to people who appreciate my work, and to help people who share my vision achieve orgasms," he reportedly added in another.

The game has generated a lot of attention for its beautiful graphics and use of Unreal Engine 5.

However, the comments from Jì have players questioning support of the game and suggesting they will pirate it instead.