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Net yourself a reliable Crucial BX500 SSD for under £48 with this great early Prime Day deal

Plus, save an additional 30 per cent on its 2TB variant

Amazon Prime Day 2023 doesn't fully kick off until tomorrow but you'll find there are actually lots of incredible savings to be had before the official sale has even begun. And if you're looking for internal storage for your PC, you won't want to miss this discount on this reliable 1TB SSD from Crucial.

Right now you can get the 1TB variant of the Crucial BX500 for 23 per cent off its usual asking price, making it a great solution for a cheap SSD, useful if you’re planning to increase your PC’s storage.

If you're wanting an even better deal, seller 'kayz goods' has the same SSD for just short of £44, saving you an extra few £s. They also have the 2TB model which Amazon doesn't seem to be selling right now too, with a 51 per cent discount off its original asking price. There are also 480GB models to net too.

If you're in the US, don't you fret because there's deals for you too - including a more-than-half-price discount on the 1TB version.



Increasing your PC’s storage is going to pay off in dividends, particularly if you’re interested in the upcoming slate of games that – at least into and beyond September – is looking very packed.

This SSD in particular has read speeds up to 540MBs per second, and write speeds up to 500MBs per second, making it a solid choice for running the games as well as storing them.

Whilst NVMe drives may be preferable over SATA drives like this one for their higher maximum read and write speeds, that doesn’t make this SSD one worth ignoring since what you do get is a good deal with a decent amount of storage to boot.

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