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Need for Speed: Most Wanted's three new DLC packs arrive in a £20/2000 Microsoft Points bundle

10 add-ons go live on Xbox Marketplace.

A garage-full of Need for Speed: Most Wanted add-ons have just gone live on Xbox Marketplace, including the three new DLC packs spotted yesterday.

Anyone waiting on pricing information might want to take a seat.


The Heroes Pack and Movie Legends Pack both cost 800 Microsoft Points, or £7.99 on PlayStation 3.

The beefier Terminal Velocity Pack, meanwhile, costs 1200 MSP/£11.99. That's the most expensive Need for Speed DLC ever. Hooray!

Not to worry, you can nab all three in a bundle for a mere £19.99/2000 Microsoft Points.

Terminal Velocity includes a new location: Fairhaven International Airport. You also get five new cars, two new modes and new car mods.

The Heroes pack includes five new cars and a new Most Wanted event. The Movie Legends Pack includes eight new races, five new cars and a new Most Wanted Event.

10 new add-ons are available on Xbox Marketplace today in total, the rest consisting of new time-saver DLC.

PlayStation 3 players will likely see the collection in tomorrow's EU PlayStation Store update.