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Nearly a decade after it came out, The Last Remnant will be delisted on PC


Remember The Last Remnant? Square Enix's role-playing game will soon be discontinued on PC nearly a decade after it came out.

In Europe, The Last Remnant will be delisted at 5pm UK time on 4th September, which means you have just over a week to grab it from Steam before it's scrubbed forever. Of course, if you already own the game you will be able to play as normal.

In its note on Steam, Square Enix failed to explain why The Last Remnant was being delisted on PC, but it did thank players.

The Last Remnant was notable for being Square Enix's first title built with the Unreal Engine. It was designed to appeal to the western market, and launched first on the Xbox 360 in 2008 before later coming out on PC. A PlayStation 3 version was announced but later cancelled.

The Last Remnant was criticised at launch for poor technical performance, with extreme cases of texture pop-in and long loading times. The battle system went down well, though.

Keza Macdonald reviewed The Last Remnant for Eurogamer, awarding it 6/10.

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