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Nearly 2m use Xbox Live Facebook

Microsoft issue social stats update.

Nearly two million people used Facebook on Xbox Live during its first week of availability, according to a Thanksgiving hamper of Microsoft statistics.

The platform holder's bundle of social network updates went live last week, and since then almost one million people have also created a profile, apparently.

Said people spend an average of 40 minutes using on Xbox Live and have streamed more than 120 million minutes of music between them.

Meanwhile, the newly rebranded Zune video store, with its 1080p instant-on movies, has enjoyed digital footfall from some 1.7 million users, although Microsoft doesn't say how many bought a film. I didn't, so it's 1.699999m at best.

The turkey of the bunch, however, is quite possibly Twitter. While Microsoft insists it was "abuzz with the Xbox Live community posting tweets", it doesn't say how many did so, and nor does it say how many of those tweets were, "Isn't the whole point of Twitter to be able to use it while doing other things?"