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Naughty Dog wanted Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to write an Uncharted movie

“If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it'd be awesome."

This is the End directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg claim to have been approached by Naughty dog for roughly four years about writing an Uncharted movie.

"They're constantly asking me and Evan to make the Uncharted movie," Rogen stated in an interview with IGN.

Goldberg added that this has been going on, "for like four years now."

"But it's just going to be Indiana Jones," he protested. "If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it'd be awesome," Goldberg told IGN outside the video.

The Pineapple Express and Superbad writers insisted this was a real thing, but we've reached out to Naughty Dog to hear what it has to say on the matter and will update if we hear back.

Rogen looks a bit pudgy for Drake, but would still be a better fit than Mark Wahlberg.

Previously, Mark Wahlberg was once set to star as the charming treasure hunter with Spanking the Monkey director David O. Russell helming the project.

Of course that didn't pan out, nor did the attachment of Limitless director Neil Burger, whose treatment was allegedly more faithful to the games than Russell's.

Last we checked, National Treasure scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley were penning the project.

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