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Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Says official website is wrong about Heavenly Sword, Lair.

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Before you go and get your hopes up, the dates on the UK PlayStation site for Heavenly Sword and Lair are, in fact, wrong.

According to the listings, both PS3 games are due out in May. But Sony told us this wasn't the case when we rang up all giddy and excited to confirm.

"Both those dates are wrong," a spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer. "We haven't got any release dates for those at the moment; they're just pencilled in for 2007."

Heavenly Sword is a third-person action game in development at Ninja Theory, which lets you take control of Nariko, a sword-swinging warrior-woman on a journey of revenge. It's a flagship title for PlayStation 3, and has sat firmly alongside the console ever since its unveiling at E3 2005.

Lair is an action title being created by Factor 5, which lets you take to the sky on the back of a fire-breathing dragon. All hell breaks loose in the sky as you battle with scaly-foes, in one of the most ambitious PS3 titles so far.

Head over to our Lair and Heavenly Sword gamepages to find out more.

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