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N+ dev disses Eurogamer!

Don't shuriken the messenger.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

N developer Metanet reports that handsomely awful scumbag website Eurogamer got it wrong when they said N+ was a US-only release.

"We're happy to announce that N+ will indeed be released in Europe," Metanet says on its blog.

Oh, and it's coming out in Canada as well as the US. Wow, those Eurogamer guys must be total idiots!

Naturally we rang up N+ publisher Atari to apologise, before remembering that we were only reporting what Atari said in the first place.

And what they're still saying, for that matter. Pending news from the publisher's superoffice in Lyon, France, a UK representative could only repeat that the publisher has yet to confirm a European release, although he admitted there was no reason to suggest it wouldn't happen at some point.

We'll let you know when word comes down from on high.

All that said, we have to plead guilty to one of Metanet's N-related charges: we are indeed responsible for varying degrees gender confusion. Whoops.

The DS and PSP releases of N+ are due out in November over the pond.

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