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Rainbow Six gambles forth

Update: Vegas date, platforms.

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Those of you wondering what's happening to the Rainbow Six boys after their widely queried outing in last year's Lockdown have your answer: they're going to Vegas.

No, they really are. Ignoring the lessons of Ocean's Eleven (you can only rob casinos successfully if nobody on either side has any frickin' idea what is going on at any stage ever), presumably some nasty Ts have done something nasty in that fairest of desert-splitting neon money-roads, and the Rainbow Six are heading along to contribute their own kaleidoscopic mettle to the situation.

Not that anybody actually knows anything about the game though - right now all we have is a single Xbox 360 screenshot (of a man shooting another man next to a chandelier, future-of-gaming-ly) and the news that Vegas will be outed properly in the April issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly in the US as the first next-generation Rainbow Six game.

UPDATE-OH-CLOCKING-OFF: Despite it being five minutes to pub-time, Ubisoft's sent over a release confirming what we told you earlier about Rainbow Six: Vegas - and introducing us to actual details.

Due out on PC, next-gen and current-gen consoles this autumn, Vegas takes place on the strip/etc. and involves a nefarious plot by naughty terrorists (got that right then!). Ubi claims it'll "push technology through graphics, artificial intelligence, physics and animations"... but not a lot else.

Still, now we have a release date and confirmed formats. So there.

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