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MS unveils 360 Arcade Hits

XBLA games at lower prices.

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Hot on the news-based heels of news-based news that you will be able to download Xbox 1 games, view your friends' Friends Lists and restrict access to children with the new Xbox 360 dashboard update, Microsoft has also announced a new "Arcade Hits" wing of Xbox Live Arcade for games with "permanently reduced prices".

Arcade Hits will launch alongside the free dashboard update tomorrow, 4th December, and the first games to see their prices cut will be Bankshot Billiards 2 (800 Microsoft Points), Lumines Live! (800), Marble Blast Ultra (400), Small Arms (400) and Zuma Deluxe (400).

Microsoft also drew attention to a few upcoming Xbox Live Arcade releases, noting that Arkadian Warriors (hackandslash, Sierra Online), Brain Challenge (brain training, Gameloft), GripShift (puzzle/racer, Sidhe), N+ (puzzle/platform, Slick/Metanet), Omega Five (shoot-'em-up, Hudson), Poker Smash (Void Star Creations), Rez HD (shoot-'em-up, Q Entertainment) and Sensible World of Soccer (sports, Codemasters) will be released "in the coming weeks". The latter, SWOS, is known to be due out on 19th December.

Other features doing into the update include "Inside Live", a new direct feed of news from, which - if it's anything like the PlayStation 3 news ticker - we hope you can turn off, and the option to input a longer biography of yourself. There are also new Game Store and Video Store buttons, and you can watch how some of it works on YouTube.

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