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X360 Family Timer in December

It all happened so quickly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has told us that its Family Timer will be available for 360 in December.

This wonderful piece of feature will let you dictate the amount of time your children or husband spend playing on the console, ensuring they do their homework or become bored and take to the streets for a spot of vandalism.

It works by giving you a futuristic control panel of options - all password protected in case you're a minor and getting ideas - that let you set a designated amount of time per day or per week.

Then, as your little angels near the end of their allotted period, warnings will flash up before the console eventually turns itself off.

The Family Timer was rumoured to be part of the fall firmware update for the 360, and we are waiting to hear back from Microsoft whether it still is, and what else we can look forward to.

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