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MS talks up future XBLA titles

Seven for "the coming weeks".

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Microsoft has confirmed that Mutant Storm Empire will be released on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, priced 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30), and has also highlighted some of the other XBLA titles due out in "the coming weeks".

First up on the alphabetical list is N+, from Slick Entertainment and Metanet, in which players control a tiny acrobatic ninja through tons of levels of puzzly platforming.

It will soon be joined by THQ's recently unveiled Screwjumper and SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam. The latter is in a very small minority of kids-focused XBLA titles, but the addition of Activision's Shrek-N-Roll puzzle game to the line-up potentially gives it a naptime companion.

Elsewhere, Sierra Online's Switchball, a physics puzzler about directing a ball along a course suspended in midair, brushes up against Chair Entertainment's Unreal Engine 3-powered Undertow, while InterServ's Word Puzzle - yes, pen and paper word-search brought to digital life - rounds out the list of seven games set to join XBLA soon.

Look out for our Mutant Storm Empire review very soon.

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