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MS sued over Live problems

Texans claim USD 5 million.

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Angry Texans have marched to court and filed a lawsuit against Microsoft for its shoddy Live performance over Christmas.

The probably-cowboys claimed the platform holder had misrepresented itself and breached its contract through negligence.

"Microsoft knew the increase in subscriptions would increase game-play on its servers, yet failed to provide adequate access and service to Xbox Live and its subscribers," read the filing.

The trio of accusers are reportedly asking for around USD 5 million in compensation, which sounds like rather a lot given that they would just have been killed and mocked by a bunch of teenagers anyway.

Late last week Microsoft popped its head out and offered Live Gold subscribers one free XBLA game as an apology for connectivity issues over the festive season, although it's not yet clear whether you will be able to choose your game or simply get what you're given.

It also did its fair share of New Year boasting, after it boosted its worldwide Xbox 360 sales up to 17.7 million.

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