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Mortal Kombat has online pass - report

Warner kept that quiet.

Fighting game Mortal Kombat will force those who buy a second hand copy of the game to pay to play it online, according to a new report.

New copies of the game come with an online pass token that must be redeemed to play online, Joystiq claims.

Otherwise, you'll need to fork out 800 Microsoft Points or $10 to play Mortal Kombat online.

Pre-owned purchasers get a free two-day trial of the online play.

Online pass for Mortal Kombat - if true - suggests future Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment games, such as Batman Arkham City and F.E.A.R.3., will follow suit.

Joystiq's source claims Warner has tried to keep its online pass scheme for Mortal Kombat quiet - and the game's packaging will fail to reference it.