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More SimAnimals games for Wii and DS

It began in Africa. Or rather, it continues.

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EA has announced two more SimAnimals games are on the way for Wii and DS.

Titled SimAnimals Africa, they will let you explore savannas and jungles, and play with elephants, gorillas and the like. There's no word on whether you will be able to run over a lion and break its legs off.

The Wii version, however, will let you kick zebras. Or as the press release puts it, "Kicking zebras, rock-breaking rhinos and crocodiles that excel at hunting will assist players in keeping the environment happy."

There are mini-games such as "ring toss", "drumming" and "petting". You can play as animals, find more than 70 rare objects and "have fun developing relationships with wild animals and their babies". Whatever happened to Bubbles, anyway?

The DS game features "exclusive animals" such as parrots, cheetahs, meerkats and aardvarks. You can interact with them using the stylus and microphone - for example, teaching the parrot to repeat words back to you. There's a co-op mode where you can trade plants and animals and something about reward badges.

EA has yet to announce when the new games will be released, but you can bet your life we'll be phoning them on the hour, every hour until we get some answers.

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