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More Buzz! for Sony consoles this March

Sony looking for Brain Of The UK.

Sony will launch Buzz! Brain Of The UK on PS3, PS2 and PSP here this March.

Questions cover things that happen on our fair isles: bands, cities, sports personalities - or not, Michael Owen - telly, wildlife, food and so on and so forth.

The PS3 version has 4000 taxing teasers, and the results will be recorded for leaderboards so Sony can find out who the most knowledgeable person in the UK is. Stephen Fry. There; do I win something? Well, no; Sony told Eurogamer the only prize will be bragging rights.

Aside from the extra questions, Brain Of The UK will work the same as Buzz! PS3. There's no price yet, but Sony said the amount of content is akin to a full game rather than premium quiz pack. Pricey, maybe.

The PSP version has all those questions plus a pass the parcel-style multiplayer mode for six people. This should be perfect for making a friend look stupid when trivia weak-spots pop up. Sony doesn't expect leaderboard support to feature for the handheld.

Finally the PS2 has "thousands of questions on the UK" and works the same as every other Buzz! game on the console.

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