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Moonbreaker devs ditch loot box system, in-game store following player feedback

Figurine things out.

Developer Unknown Worlds has removed the loot box system from Moobreaker, its new turn-based, digital tabletop strategy game.

In a post detailing the game's new content update, which is known as "Zax's Story", the team explained: "We've been reading and evaluating everything you've suggested on our Discord and Nolt board... and have been diligently reviewing every area of the game.

"Based on your ongoing feedback, we are realigning to make Moonbreaker better reflect our Early Access goals."

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These 'realignments' will see Moonbreaker's Booster Boxes gone (Units will now unlock automatically with the base game), and Pulsars will "no longer be available to purchase or exchange for in-game items during Early Access". Additionally, Blanks and Merits are no longer an in-game currency. These will now be replaced with Sparks.

The developer has also disabled the in-game store, and will be issuing refunds for purchases already made.

Meanwhile, this update (which goes live today) will also allow for faster Season Track progression.

The developer explained it is "important" to the Moobreaker team that it builds "an amazing game alongside [its] community", with a focus on making the game as "fun as possible". It stated Moonbreaker's monetisation "in its current form" was ultimately standing in the way of it achieving this.

I ran this news past Bertie earlier today, and in his words, these changes by Unknown Worlds leave Moonbreaker "free to just be a good game now".

You can read more about Bertie's thoughts on Moonbreaker as a whole (from before this update went live) in his impressions piece here.

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