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Monty Python gets its own mobile game with The Ministry of Silly Walks

Voiced by John Cleese himself.

Last month we saw mischievous indie developer Pippin Barr convert Seinfeld's classic "Junior Mint" episode into a browser game and now developer Boondoggle Studios has made an officially licensed iOS and Android game based on Monty Python's classic The Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.

For those unfamiliar with the bit, it starred John Cleese as a government agent who walks in the most outlandishly bizarre manner possible. As it turns out, he's an official at the Ministry of Silly Walks, a section of parliament devoted to funding the creation of silly walks.

Now this five-minute oddity from 1970 has been turned into a £0.99 auto-running (er, silly walking) game where you play as John Cleese's iconic character. Unlike The Junior Mint, this is an officially licensed product complete with Cleese himself lending his voice to the 44 year old character.

This isn't Monty Python's first foray into gaming, however, as the comedy troupe launched a Facebook games portal entitled The Ministry of Silly Games back in 2010. Eurogamer's own Ellie Gibson interviewed the famous group for us back in the day. Cleese has also lent his voice to such games as Fable 3, Jade Empire, and most recently The Elder Scrolls Online.

See how The Ministry of Silly Walks looks in action in its launch trailer below. And for further reference, we've embedded the original sketch beneath it.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

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