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Montague's Mount release date, Oculus Rift support announced

"It opens up a whole new dimension for games like mine."

First-person psychological thriller Montague's Mount launches on 9th October 2013.

It's a digital PC game that will be available from that date on Good Old Games, Get Games and GamersGate. A Steam Greenlight page is already live.

Montague's Mount is the work of Polypusher, a one-man studio based in Ireland. Christian Donlan described it as a "gloomy exploration game" in his write-up following the game's debut at Rezzed earlier this year.

Montague's Mount will ship with Oculus Rift support. "I first heard about the Oculus Rift during the early development of Montague's Mount and it was immediately clear that this was perfect for my game, with its focus on exploration and suspense," developer Matt Clifton said.

"I backed it at Kickstarter and have been working on integrating support ever since I got the dev kit. It opens up a whole new dimension for games like mine."

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